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What is referencing, and why should I reference?

When researching a topic, you might use information, ideas and content from a wide variety of sources such as books, journal articles, web pages/websites, newspapers, videos, audio, diagrams and statistics to support your own work.

Referencing shows what sources you have used and acknowledges the work of the original creators of these sources.  You must reference ALL the sources you have used in your work.

Good referencing

Some referencing styles use footnotes, (e.g. Oxford), while others require the name of the author/s, and year of publication in the body of the paper, (e.g. Harvard). So check which style is required for your assignments.

When reading and taking notes, always write down the full details of the source: author/s, title, date and place of publication, and page number. This will make the referencing process much easier, and will help you to avoid accidentally copying and plagiarising the work of someone else.

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