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Hallinan Library

The Hallinan Library has two locations on the Blackfriars campus: the Primary Library and the Senior Library. Both are contemporary learning spaces, providing a vast array of educational resources for teachers and students.

Senior Library
Monday to Thursday – 8am to 5pm
Friday – 8am to 4pm
Telephone: 8169 3900 / Email

Primary Library
Monday to Friday – 9am to 3.30pm
Telephone: 8169 3935 / Email

Welcome to Term 3

Yes, it’s the term that we all look forward to … Book Week term.

In Week 5, the Senior Library will be busy with Treasure Hunts, Guessing Competitions and the Daily Morning Quiz.

The Primary boys will experience a Performance Education show, a dress-up assembly and complete some creative activities.

And let’s not forget all the great books to read!

The Book Week theme is (Reading is) Dreaming with Eyes Open. We hope to see plenty of dreaming happening.

It’s also the term to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge so, for those participating in this, you have until the end of Week 7 to get your forms in. Good luck!